4x4 Adventure & Canoeing



Experience a real 4x4 adventure! Cross huge mud and water paths with the trucks, walk into the forest and reach Lago Escondido to enjoy canoeing in pairs.



9 hours


9 hours


We begin our excursion heading towards the north of the island, passing through the most popular ski center in the area: Cerro Castor. When we cross the Andes, we start the real 4x4 adventure! We cross huge mud and water paths until we reach the imposing shore of Fagnano Lake. At this point, you will have a moment to contemplate this extraordinary place and its particular energy.

After this, we open trails giving more adrenaline to our trip. We enter the forest to walk through an exclusive area with no paths, reaching Lago Escondido where a refuge is located. At this point, an Argentine-style barbecue will be waiting for you, accompanied by Malbec wine.

Finally, we split into pairs, taking canoes and front-line gear toexplore the lake!



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