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Rixner is a premier Destination Management Company in Argentina. We create unforgettable experiences in exceptional destinations in Argentina, each one designed to enjoy the best of each destination leaving unique memories for groups or individuals.

Thanks to our international team, our customers experience the warm and friendly ways of the Argentine people and the precision of German logistics, having one of the best times in their professional lives.

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Over the years, we have produced and managed a wide range of business events, meetings and conferences, incentives, team building activities and romantic weddings in Argentina.

We are a strategic partner thatworks all over our country, working closely with clients to meet theirobjectives, and executing highly-inventive programs with memorable experiences.

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Argentina is a country with a thousand facets, which reveal themselves as the thousands of kilometres of the country are discovered, making it the eighth largest country in the world and the second in South America, after Brazil.

The Argentine landscape crosses 5 climatic zones and offers a succession of different and suggestive scenarios.
Argentina is a country made up of thousands of different souls, where Perito Moreno is not just a glacier, soccer is not just a sport, tango is not just a dance, and gauchos are much more than just cowboys.Discover the Argentine passion, tradition, and customs. Our arms are always open to welcome you warmly!

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