Puerto Madryn

Puerto Madryn is found in the Patagonic region, more specifically in Peninsula Valdés: a dreamy desert site which mixes great extension of Patagonic steppes with the shore of a calm and incredible sea.

It is said to be the Whales Land, but not only the huge Southern Right Whales visit this zone! Puerto Madryn is a real sanctuary populated with a wonderful fauna that includes birds, penguins, dolphins, wolves, sea lions and the extravagant killer whales. 

Activities in Puerto Madryn get us close to the animals, to watch and learn about them. Each season of the year lets us see different marine animals, depending on when you visit the region.

Puerto Madryn
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Puerto Madryn



Thousands of tourists from all over the world arrive in southern Argentina to witness the wonderful show presented by these huge cetaceans, which also express their happiness when receiving the audience. Whales may be watched from June to December, when they come close to the shores of the Nuevo Gulf to mate or bear their calves. We can board a boat or watch from the coast to be delighted with the elegant jumps of the huge southern right whales. Each part of your body will be thrilled!


Punta Tombo is the destination by excellence to see the Magellanic penguins in their natural habitat. These famous animals are present in the zone from September to April, as this is the site they choose to make their nests, mate, incubate their eggs and feed their offspring. All this natural process is a wonderful show! When we get to the colony, we can walk between them and see these marvellous animals running from one side to another in search of their chicks and their nests, which makes a fantastic experience.


They can be observed on the coast throughout the year. In breeding season, they group in roosts, both on beaches with smooth slopes of boulders, and in rocky areas. During the winter season they leave their colonies to group in non-reproductive roosts. These funny and friendly animals can be watched from a distance or you can also participate in snorkelling activities in contact with them! They love when visitors get in the water to play with them as they get very close to people.


Don’t miss this chance to see the amazing black-and-white Commerson’s dolphin in the wild and total freedom. This playful marine animal can only be seen in two regions of the world, and one of them is Puerto Madryn, so it is a unique chance to see them. They are the smallest dolphins in the world and their peculiar colours surprise the visitors while they see them jumping and swimming around. They love to race along with boats, making a fun spectacle, so keep your camera ready!

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