Chilean Patagonia

Patagonia is a region encompassing the vast southernmost tip of South America, shared by Argentina and Chile, with the Andes Mountains as its dividing line. The Argentine side features arid steppes, grasslands and deserts, while the Chilean has glacial fjords and temperate rainforest.

In the Chilean side you can be in the middle of cinematographic landscapes, you can soak in the history of cattle ranching and in the lifestyle of the Patagonian gaucho.
If you are passionate about trekking and sightseeing, Torres del Paine is your destination: forests, hills, waterfalls, lakes, native flora, and fauna, such as pumas, condors, between others, and privileged views of the Southern Ice Fields will be part of your experience also. This magical place takes its name after the three granite towers that arise between the mountains, a sight you can only find here.

Chilean Patagonia
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Chilean Patagonia


Trekking at Torres del Paine

Enjoy unique landscapes joining a Trekking excursion in Torres del Paine.

The Torres del Paine National Park is an idilic reserve for the nature lovers and trekkers. The path goes all around the surroundings of the three granite towers the National Park is named after. You will pass through a lush Lenga tree forest, and witness the sparkling river as you head to the closest point to the towers, at its feet.

In each of our excursions, there will be trek guides pleased to lead you from the starting point to the end of the route. Althought altitude uncreases as you move forward, the trek itself is of moderate difficulty and almost everybody can finish it.


The Pumas treck is an unique experience where you embark on adventure with our wildlife tracking professionals to track and observe Torres del Paine’s top predator, the Patagonian Puma, in its natural habitat.

The sighting takes place in different spots of the National Park, where pumas live and walk around. The Puma, once an endangered specie due to its hunting to prevent it from preying on the herds, is now the subject of an extense conservation program promoted by some local ranches, like Estancia Cerro Guido, to protect both the sheep and the pumas.

We will also visit different condors' nests, see guanacos, ñandú, armadillo and occasionally huemules.

King and Magallanes Penguins in Punta Arena

Cecilia Durán, the founder of the now-called King Penguin Natural Reserve, made it her mission to ensure the safety of the few remaining King Penguins that inhabited Bahía Inútil. Today, their lives are protected thanks to the reserve's efforts, and you can visit the penguins without risk. 

On the other hand, the Magellanic Penguin enchants with its black and white plumage and playful demeanor. These charming birds can be spotted along the icy coastline with their waddles on landorl into the frigid waters. Efforts are in place to protect these penguins and their habitat, ensuring their continued presence in Punta Arenas for generations to come

Whales in Punta Arenas

Cape Froward, is the southernmost point of the Continent, where we can find Glaciers, Humpback Whales, Sei Whales, Southern Dolphins, Toninas Overas, and Magellanic Penguins.  This land is part of the natural wonders of this southern area of the Strait of Magellan and Tierra del Fuego.

A whole day trip to Punta Arenas will make us feel nature in its most natural and unique state. An unmissable journey where we can enjoy a unique landscape surrounded by mountains, glaciers, lengas, and coihues forests. The marine life presented in the zone will not cease to surprise us due to its proximity and abundance: sea lions, petrels, cormorants, southern dolphins, etc. Picture yourself surrounded by breathtaking views of the Patagonian landscape as you set sail to encounter some of the most majestic creatures on the planet!

Incentive Programs

Our goal is to create with you, the type of program that you are expecting. Our specialty is to create programs from scratch that motivate and inspire top performance, integrating the team and generating loyalty through a meeting, an incentive trip or an event in Argentina.

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