Ushuaia - Patagonia

Ushuaia is the capital city of Tierra del Fuego, a geographic area located at the end of the American continent and the Andes mountain range. Due to its position, Ushuaia is known as the End of the World City.

It is located on the banks of the Beagle Channel, a waterway that takes its name from the sailboat that circumnavigated the land under the command of the explorer Fitz Roy, with the naturalist Charles Darwin on board.

Ushuaia does not enchant for its architecture but its subdued atmosphere, for its natural, green and wild landscapes, which give it a particular charm and give it a feeling of distance from the rest of the world.

A city that depending on the time of year in which it is visited, welcomes us with another landscape, never ceasing to amaze us.

Ushuaia - Patagonia
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Ushuaia - Patagonia



It is the only park in Argentina that combines a marine, wooded and mountain environment, giving shape to the marine coast, lakes, valleys, extensive peat bogs and magnificent forests. This unique setting has the purest air that can be breathed elsewhere. As for the fauna, the Fuegian red fox, the woodpecker and the beaver are just some of the species found in this zone of the island. Lovers of hiking find all kind of trails, being those of different difficulties. The different beauties can also be seen on board of the End of the World Train, enjoying the ride along with a drink.


Sailing through the Fuegian channels is an unforgettable experience where you can see the unique beauty of Ushuaia that dazzles visitors from around the world. This navigation offers us the opportunity of sightseeing different animal colonies in just one excursion. Discover the variety of birds in the Isla de los Pajaros, have a laugh with the sea lions of Isla de los Lobos and be enchanted by the Magellanic and Papua penguins in Isla Martillo. You will even get to have your picture with the famous Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse!


Not only can we spot the Magellanic penguins on Isla Martillo from our boat, but we can also walk among them! If you want to make your experience in the Beagle Channel even more fantastic, you can give it a spin including a visit to the penguin colony. This is a totally exclusive experience, since it is done in small groups and allows you to be at a primordial distance from the penguins in their natural habitat. With the help of the guides, you will get to know everything about the life of these animals.


Landscapes, adrenaline, emotions and much more is what awaits you in this incredible experience. This excursion invites you to live a Fuegian picnic and be part of an exciting adventure full of anecdotes and moments that will leave you breathless. We will go into the Fuegian forests with the 4x4 crossing the different obstacles that will fill us with adrenaline and emotion. In addition, the lakes and mountains bless us with beautiful postcards, which we will treasure with a lunch accompanied by these views.

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