Antarctica is an experience of extremes, as it is the windiest, driest, coldest, and highest continent in the world. It only precipitates approximately 200 mm per year in the coastal zone, with the inland areas even drier.

Despite the harsh nature of the continent, cruise passengers to Antarctica are favored with spectacular scenery. It is a land of rugged mountain peaks that contrast with the white of the snow and the passage of bright icebergs floating in the dark waters of the sea.

Take a Zodiac ride among blue and white icebergs that rise above the water like mountain peaks, kayak alongside giant whales, watch the curious penguins, dive into a new world under the ice, camp under the polar sky, or climb to an uphill point for spectacular views.

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It is the last continent on Earth to be discovered and the most rigorous and exotic of all, which makes it an interesting destination when it comes to adventure. Twice the size of Australia, this Antarctic continent becomes a vacation spot during the summer season (November to March). Temperatures rise, and with it the ice melts. This allows visitors to arrive by boat to enjoy endless activities such as kayaking, mountain climbing in unusual places, skiing, camping on the ice or even swimming surrounded by seals and penguins.


Watch creatures that you can hardly find anywhere else on the planet, such as penguins, whales or seals. It is a unique opportunity to play with these adorable seabirds, take photos with them and even, with a little luck, you will be able to live the birth of this species in their natural habitat. In addition, you will be able to maintain direct contact with whales and seals, which will allow you to learn more about the environment.


With 99% covered in ice, the best way to see Antarctica is by navigations, and unless you are a researcher, there are few ways to go on an expedition through its lands. Antarctica is remote and exciting, and each cruise offers scenic sailing through the Palmer Archipelago, the Danco Coast, and the Antarctic Pass. Discover one of the last truly untouched regions in the world: ice-filled channels, gigantic glaciers and tabular icebergs wonderfully carved by nature. Cross the mythical Drake Passage and discover wonders on the various islands in the area.


It is the dream place of all photography lovers. The landscapes that you will find in this beautiful place will be unique and unmatched. At every step you take, you will find glaciers and icebergs, of all sizes and shapes. Photograph the adorable penguins, exclusive from the South Poles, in their black tuxedos, they are always ready to pose for the photo. We assure you that no photograph will be similar to the previous one. And the best thing: in summer there is light almost 24 hours a day!

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