Mendoza - Wine Region

Mendoza is the largest wine-producing region in Latin America, thanks to its hills and high plains with an extensive artificial irrigation system ideal for viticulture.

It is one of the wine tourism destinations par excellence worldwide, meets its hundreds of wineries that make up the famous Argentine Wine Route. You will find from small to large producers, always ready to offer a glass of wine, surely you will want to take a box of the classic Argentine Malbec home!

But Mendoza is not only wines, it is also an adventure tourism destination for those interested in finding adrenaline-filled activities. You cannot leave Mendoza without rafting its rivers!

Discover the most sophisticated flavors, the magic moments, and the exclusive locations that this beautiful region of the Andes has to offer.

Mendoza - Wine Region
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Mendoza - Wine Region



Mendoza is Argentina’s largest wine region and famous for its Malbec, as well as Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay wines. Enjoy wine tasting experiences as you explore local wineries and vineyards. Sample a variety of Argentine wines during expert-led wine tastings or indulge in a gourmet wine tasting multi-step lunch, while you also learn about the winemaking process in a tour throughout the winery. There are so many good wineries in Mendoza that you could visit more than one per day and still be amazed by the quality and taste of the wines.


Have you ever imagined creating your own bottle of wine? Well, in Mendoza this is more than possible! Have fun being a winemaker in the best wineries of the region thanks to the blending game, in which you mix your own wine and even fill your own bottle. A plus: all visitors taste each other’s wines and the winner is voted. Children may participate by designing the label and thus take a gift home. You can also try the stepping of grapes to prepare the traditional “patero” wine.


Aconcagua Park is one of the 17 protected natural areas of Mendoza, which covers a sector of the Andes Mountains, with important peaks that exceed 5,000 m. rising imposingly until it reaches its maximum expression at the northern summit of Cerro Aconcagua (6962m). This particularity attracts the attention of mountaineers and walkers from the most diverse places in the world since it is the highest mountain in the Western Hemisphere. Enjoy a trekking in direct contact with nature!


Surrounded by majestic landscapes where vineyards and wineries are part of Mendoza common sense, a significant number of traditionalist ranches are part of this region that makes visitors fall in love with the typical rural establishments. These are not only thought for the ones that want to relax, but also for the ones looking for adventure, as the locations are perfect to trek in the imposing valleys around the estancias. If you wish, you can spend a night or simply make a day visit in contact with the founder families.

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