Over the years, we have produced and managed a wide range of business events, meetings and conferences, incentives , team building activities and romantic weddings in Argentina. We are a strategic partner that works all over our country, working closely with clients to meet their objectives and executing highly-inventive programs with memorable experiences.

Incentive Programs

Our goal is to create with you, the type of program that you are expecting. Our specialty is to create programs from scratch that motivate and inspire top performance, integrating the team and generating loyalty through a meeting, an incentive trip or an event in Argentina.

Meetings and Congresses

Argentina, and mainly, Buenos Aires, is one of the most attractive destinations in South America for leading companies to carry out their corporate meetings. Local services reach an excellent professional level packed with quality facilities for every budget and occasion, hard to find in many cities of the world. After a vast experience of working with meeting planners from all over the world, we can tell that a local contact is essential to help them with the innumerable tasks, including groups coordination and meetings.

Weddings and Special Events

Executing the perfect wedding day is all in the organization, details, and logistics. We can take on the execution of any event, consulting you on its styling and design, and helping you by successfully managing your expectations and budget. With our help, you will achieve the wedding day you have been dreaming about all along. We can also organize the most passionate honeymoon! Argentina has the most beautiful landscapes to experience a truly romantic trip.


We invite you to explore the country throughout unique experiences. Whether you are looking for adventure, for a relaxing vacation or for luxury activities, every destination can fulfill your wishes, as we strive to offer memorable experiences for every kind of traveller.

What Our Clients Say About Us

A successful incentive trip! Not only were we impressed by the giant glaciers of Calafate or the landscapes in Ushuaia, but also by the dedication of Rixner, who accompanied us during the organization and during the entire trip as well.

The passion they have for their work and the attention to detail really makes the difference. Our entire group was fascinated, they will never forget Argentina!

Katia Bigazzi - Univers Italy - January 2020

I just wanted to thank you for an amazing trip to Argentina.  Even though I’ve been there many times before, you opened my eyes to new possibilities.  We were treated like royalty, honored guests, throughout.  It reinforced my love for the country and its people. Though intense, the itinerary was well-conceived and the experiences in Iguazu and Calafate were unique.  Both included a lot of water!!!  Frozen and unfrozen.  There is nothing in the world like Mother Nature.

Thanks again for your kindness, energy and hospitality.  

Jane Ann / Travel Consultant / JAC Travel International

Jane Ann Cohen

This was an amazing, exciting, adventurous and beautiful trip! Even though I was hesitantto to some of the activities Esther told me to try it and I am glad I did some were challenging and wish I did these things when I was much younger to get the full experience, it was still great and glad I did it.

Thank you Esther for putting together such a great fam and for thinking of all of us and putting our interest first. You are amazing picking the right hotel, activities, shows, food and sightseeing also for spending the whole week with us and arranging Everything 24hrs.

Can’t wait for Uruguay. Lol!!! Thank you can’t wait to see you again.

Indi Deonarain 

After 47 years in the incentive business I have worked with many DMCs, having worked with Esther over the past four years we have managed to put together one of a kind program in BA and Mendoza.

I have especially appreciated her creativity, flexibility and even assisting with services that are not concerned such as securing needed air space.

Anyone working with Esther could not be in better hands!

Viktor Weyand - USA

We went to El Calafate with family and friends. We highly recommend Rixner!

They made our trip even more pleasant, with much convenience and organization. The tours were incredible! We lived unforgettable moments. The transfers are punctual and with several curiosities about the tour. They accompanied us from disembarkation to accommodation and tours, taking care to ensure that everything was perfect.

Alexandre Texeira & Analice Araujo - Brazil - May 2019

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