Buenos Aires

The cosmopolitan and exuberant Buenos Aires is one of the main cities in South America, home to one of the most important tourist and commercial ports on the entire continent.

The city is divided into neighborhoods, which house clubs, museums, and theaters that show their liveliness also from a cultural point of view. In these neighborhoods you will never get bored, just let yourself be infected by the Argentine passion that you breathe in the streets or catch on the steps of tango in one of the many "Milongas" (Tango places).

Buenos Aires is more than a cultural city, 30 minutes from downtown you can enjoy the Estancias with Gaucho skills demonstrations, their horses and Polo: not only you can watch, but also play polo. To really enjoy it you must abandon any prejudice and immerse yourself in the spirit of one of the most passionate and colorful cities in America.

Buenos Aires
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Buenos Aires



Buenos Aires is a city in which you can breathe passion and history in every corner. The combination of rich architectural and cultural heritage, emblematic buildings, fantastic nightlife, unique traditions, vibrant art, extensive parks, and warm, friendly hosts makes it one of the world’s most exciting capitals. There are dozens of reasons to visit this city and it is not a minor fact that it was repeatedly voted the best in Latin America. It does not matter if you are looking for a tango class, a graffiti tour, a cooking class or enjoy a night out, Buenos Aires has it all.


This dance full of sensuality was born in Buenos Aires thanks to the mix of cultures produced in 1800. The elegant and passionate movements of tango show the exotic cultural mix of these first tango dancers and, the solemn melodies of this music offer the listener a glimpse into their lives. Not only did this dance cross social barriers in Buenos Aires but also international borders around the world. When in Buenos Aires, you cannot miss watching a show and, if you dare, try to learn some steps!


Polo is a sport with a great presence in Argentina, but unknown in other countries of the world and in the region. Polo came to Argentina along with the English immigrants who arrived in our lands in the mid-19th century and, found the horses with the necessary virtues to play it. This sport of luxury and large investments finds, only in Argentina, an element that reverses the paradigm: passion. Not only we can enjoy watching professional matches, but also many Estancias in Buenos Aires are very close related to this game and offer to watch a small match or to even learn how to play.


Near the city of Buenos Aires, there is a perfect alternative to connect with nature. Just 32 km away, there is a place called Tigre, where we find aristocratic rowing clubs, craft shops and a river station from where you reach a unique natural world: the Paraná River Delta. In Tigre you will enter a world of islands, streams and rivers. It is one of the best places to practice rowing in the hidden channels surrounded by tall trees. Also, you can discover the mysteries of the Paraná Delta in an exclusive navigation through the 5th largest Delta in the world and the only one that flows into a freshwater course.

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