Calafate - Patagonia

El Calafate is a small city located on the southern shore of Lake Argentino, province of Santa Cruz. Its name derives from a plant with yellow flowers called "Calafate", typical of Patagonia, but this one is more well known for its berries that have a dark blue color and a deliciously sweet flavor, with which exquisite sweets and desserts are made.

Due to the excellent location of the city, it functions as a starting point for tours to visit various points of interest located around, making it an important city for tourism. The main attraction is Los Glaciares National Park, one of the most beautiful and spectacular places in Patagonia and even in the world. Their immensity makes us realize how small we are and, we can affirm that, even if you visit them more than once, that feeling does not disappear, it is truly incredible!

But El Calafate is not only glaciers, we also invite you to learn more about excursions outside the National Park and countryside Estancias !( Ranches)

Calafate - Patagonia
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Calafate - Patagonia



Very few places in the world offer the experience of walking over a glacier, and luckily, Calafate is one of them! The imposing Perito Moreno Glacier is one of the most visited sites in our country and we can affirm that the feeling of being there is unique. There is nothing to fear this ice giant, since the walks are made through the firmer areas of the glacier, far from where the landslides occur. We cannot put into words what it feels like to be walking on this ice mass but it is safe to say that once you do, you want to relive it.


There are different navigations within Los Glaciares National Park that allow us to get closer to the different glaciers accessible in this region. Among the best known are the classic Perito Moreno, known worldwide for its amazing detachments, the Upsala (the largest) and the Spegazzini (the tallest). Thanks to the glaciers, other attractions such as huge icebergs and emerald-colored waters are added to the navigations that never cease to amaze us. Discover which is the embarked journey that best suits your preferences!


A different way to discover Calafate is visiting, or even staying, in one of its charming Patagonian ranches. These allow you to experience rural life in the fields around the city, opening their doors to show and share agrotourism activities. One of the most striking is the sheep shearing, where visitors are called to observe a gaucho while he explains and performs the shearing. But, in addition, each estancia has a strategic location that allows you to appreciate beautiful surroundings on trekkings, horseback rides or even while enjoying a traditional meal.


This town in the north of Los Glaciares National Park allows you to connect with nature and recharge your body with energy and clean air. It is no coincidence that El Chaltén is known as the Argentine Trekking Capital, since it has trails that go through forests full of magic, and at each viewpoint you can stop to contemplate mountains and glaciers. In this stunning natural setting, you have multiple options for trekking, climbing or hiking. The strong emotions begin long before arriving, when at a distance you can see the mountains and glaciers that make this corner of Patagonia unique.

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