Trekking & Puma Adventure in Torres del Paine


Enjoy everything Torres del Paine has to offer, in just three days! This excursion will allow you to completely absorb the charm of the place, since it includes trekking and sightings of Patagonian pumas.



3 days


Transfer in + Transfer out, Trekking guide and Puma Tracker.


On the first day you will be greeted by a transfer that will take you to the starting point to begin the trekking. During the entire tour you will be accompanied by a guide who is an expert in the particularities of the park.

As it is a tour that covers the entire Torres del Paine National Park, the excursion will last two days, and the group will make a one-night stopover at a camping point in the national park. Once the expedition is completed on the second day, the transfer will pick you up.

On the third and last day, the transfer will take you to the meeting point to begin the Puma Watching. This is an ideal tour forwildlife photography fans. During this tour they will be accompanied by a PumaTracker, who will be in charge of guiding them to safe sighting areas. This excursion is divided into two moments: the first session after breakfast for a morning walk, and the second session for a walk after lunch. Both last around 4hours.

At the end of the tour, the transfer will pick you upand take you back.



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