Andes Trekking, Rappel & Kayak



A complete excursion full of adrenaline: enjoy trekking, climbing, rappel and kayak all in one day! Amazing landscapes will accompany us during the whole experience. Dare to challenge your inner-self!



Full Day


Full Day


We will pick you up at the lobby of your hotel at 10:30 AM to take you to this full day program. The adventure begins by walking the oldest trekking path in Patagonia, the one that the Palotinos priests pilgrimaged to get to the long-standing refuge of Cerro López.

This is just a warm up before reaching the viewpoint of Brazo Tristeza, from where if we remain silent, we can hear the waterfall that descends from Cerro Capilla. This is the part of the adventure where we turn into climbers: helping and accompanying each other, every time we turn back a new angle of the landscape is presented.

From there a small trek leads to the stone of the Lion King, a natural balcony over Brazo Tristeza where the background is governed by the majestic Cerro Tronador.

We then are invited to do rappel: a technique for descending the mountain that allows us to challenge our inner-self. We equip ourselves and descend. We are ready to return, but before that there is a pause for lunch. Enjoy your lunch box with a beautiful view!

We start descending the Flintstones trail until we reach the Brazo Tristeza viewpoint and continue down to the beach. Here, we will spot our kayaks, inviting us to tour the aquatic world of Lake Nahuel Huapi. From the buoyancy we take full delightment of the landscapes rowing from the Nahuel Huapi to Moreno Lake.

From there, protected by the reeds and the bays, we reach our final point, from where we take our transfer back to the hotel.



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