Beagle Channel Navigation with Penguin Colony



Walk between the Magellanic penguins in their natural habitat on Martillo Island! A longer navigation that lets us watch the typical attractions of the Beagle Channel and also enjoy of the unique experience in contact with the penguins.



8 to 9 hours


8 to 9 hours


We leave the local port in a comfortable catamaran, crossing the Ushuaia bay and enjoying the mountainous environment. In the course of navigation, we visit colonies of one-haired sea lions, Rock and Imperial cormorants.

We approach the Les Eclaireurs lighthouse, icon of the city, and continue along the Beagle Channel observing different historical estancias along the Fuegian coast. We sight Puerto Williams on the coast of Isla Navarino (south of the Beagle Channel) and enter to the MacKinley Pass, bordering Gable Island to the north to reach Martillo Island.

Here, we will descend from the catamaran and walk among the Magellanic penguin colony found in this place. It is in these icy waters that the penguins nest and have its chicks.

Upon returning to Ushuaia, we will see the entire mountain range that surrounds the city of Ushuaia and appreciate the sunset over the Channel.



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