Classic Beagle Channel Navigation



This half day excursion will let us enjoy of the most famous attracttions of the Beagle Channel: the Sea Lions' Island, the Bird Island, the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse and some of the farmhouses of the zone.



6 hours


6 hours


We sail from Puerto Arias through the Beagle Channel in southwest direction, approaching the Sea Lions' Island, where, from the ship, we will be able to enjoy the sight of sea lions' specimens, watching them interact with their permanent environment in a wonderful scenery.

We continue the navigation towards the Bird Island, habitat of the Magaellanic and Imperial Cormorants, which is also a privileged area to spot specimens of the marine fauna. 

Then we sail towards the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse, in the archipelago with the same name, where the Mount Cervantes vessel wrecked on the year 1930. 

The return will be through Paso Chico, sighting Estancias Tunnel and Fique (Farmhouses), heading back to Ushuaia´s city port while enjoying the view of the imposing frame that the Martial Glacier gives to the city.



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