El Galpón del Glaciar



This Patagonic ranch is a classic and unmissable in Calafate. Enjoy a rural afternoon with traditional food, sheep shearing, folklore and tango shows and many more activities!



6 hours


6 hours


During the afternoon, we will be picked up to go to El Galpón del Glaciar and have a rural afternoon experience. We will be received at the front desk of El Galpón with country pastry and hot beverages for teatime.

After we enjoyed this meal, we will watch a sheep herding done by Gauchos on horse and, with the labor and help from Kelpies dogs. Once finished, we will start a relaxing guided walk through the Natural Reserve next to Laguna de los Pájaros and Lago Argentino, two of the main lakes of this zone. This stroll will be made in a path of interpretation of Patagonian flora and fauna and, historical sites.

After this, we will have the opportunity to watch a live demonstration of sheep shearing at the old Galpón, a shed original from the year 1912.

Our night will begin at 8:00, when we will have typical Patagonic lamb for dinner. As a starter, we will have homemade empanadas and, as main course options there will be lamb, chicken, chorizos and a salad buffet. To conclude dinner, we will have handmade flan with cream on a side and the tango show and folklore will start by the same time.

Once the show finishes, we will be heading back to the hotel.



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