Mayo Spirit Trek



An alternative for those looking for adventure in the Los Glaciares National Park. This excursion mixes trekking, hiking, navigation and of course, glaciers!



8 hours


8 hours


Right after departing from Punta Bandera, the guides will begin their personalized work to familiarize visitors with the environment. Bahía del Toro will be our first stop. Your guide will lead you through the woods along a 700-meter long pathway. The Andean-Patagonian forest is now ready to share its secrets with you.

Back on the ship, a welcoming hot cup of coffee is waiting for you. Our second stop will be at Negro Mount where you will hike along a 1,000-meter long pathway. You will be hiking alongside a stream of pristine water until reaching a stone wall. Time to have your senses stirred up now!

Our next destination is the mesmerizing beauty of the Perito Moreno Glacier. As you will be cruising right in front of its 60-meter highwall of slowly moving ice, have your camera ready to take home some fascinating pictures of this colossal natural wonder. Keep an eagle eye: glacier calving may occur at any time!

On arrival at the floating dock, you step off the boat to do the walkways. There, your guide will arrange with you the departing time to cruise back to Punta Bandera.



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