Ranch at Las Pampas


Discover the Argentine Pampas on this visit to a ranch, where culture, traditions and typical food meet all in one place. Enjoy dancing and watching an excellent Gaucho skills demonstration!



Full Day (11:00 to 17:00)


Full Day (11:00 to 17:00)


The visit to the ranch begins with the pick up by the hotel. Together with our guides wewill leave the city towards the outskirts of the City of Buenos Aires, enjoying a panoramic and pleasant journey where we will cross the Argentine Pampas to the Estancia.

Once we arrive, we will be greeted in the Pulpería with a welcome reception of traditional meat empanadas, Argentine wine and soft drinks. Our guides will take you to know some of the attractions of the Estancia, such as its traditional museum and its beautiful Church. Then, you can enjoy a horseback ride to explore the ranchgrounds.

After the tour of the ranch, the Estancia offers a delicious barbecue. During lunch, you will have fun with a tango and classical music and dance show where, at the end of the meal, everyone is invited to dance!

During the afternoon we will be able to observe an exciting show of boleadoras, the weapons that the gauchos used to throw to catch animals. Enjoy this authentic entertainment where gauchos demonstrate their incredible abilities! There will also be a ring race (known as the sortija), grazing animals and the stable race, a typical gaucho competition.

To end this traditional experience, the typical Argentine drink “mate” (yerba mate leaves soaked in hot water) and pastries will be served in the afternoon.



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