Trekking in Aconcagua Hill



This 12 hours trekking is designed for those who want more than just a short visit to the Aconcagua Provincial Park, enjoying a true uphill experience where beautiful landscapes and vegetation can be observed.



Full Day (12 hours)


Full Day (12 hours)


This trekking is designed for those who want more than just a short visit to the Aconcagua Provincial Park. We will start by heading towards the mountain in the Southwest direction, traveling the famous National Route No. 7.

This road, which goes to the neighboring country, Chile, will surprise us with its unforgettable landscapes: the changes of vegetation and the passage of winds through the mountains and hills can be observed. Along the route we will pass through tunnels and bridges, which were built for the old trans-Andean railway, which will accompany us along the way. After 3 hours of travel, we will arrive at the office where we will process our trekking permits for the day.

Around noon the trekking towards Confluencia begins, we will pass through the circuit of Lagunas Horcones (2950 masl) reaching after one hour of walking the Suspension Bridge over the Horcones River. We will continue the trek through the “Pebble Gorge”, we will have several stops to rest and admire the landscape; recharging energies with the box lunch that we will give them. After about 4 hours we will arrive at the first camp of the normal route “Confluence” at 3,400 meters above sea level.

We will be located for lunch somewhere in the camp and we will tour the place. A unique possibility to experience and see the expeditions that are heading to Plaza de Mulas. Having recharged energies we will return to Horcones, arriving at it after about 3 hours, to return to Mendoza.



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