Aramburu Relais & Châteaux, a hidden gem

Walking through the classic streets of Recoleta you will come across Pasaje del Correo, where a distinguished restaurant can be found by those with a trained eye: it is the Aramburu Relais & Châteaux, holder of 2 Michelin Guide Stars.

As you go inside the restaurant, the atmosphere is an elegant yet experimental one. It is a place filled with culinary creativity. Its founder, the Chef Gonzalo Aramburu, came up with the idea of a fine dining space after years of working in high-end restaurants around the world. Aramburu was originally established in Constitución on Salta Street, but after a few years it moved to its current location in Recoleta.

Aramburu has it all. In here you will enjoy an incredible 18-course meal with an argentine wine pairing. You can either have your meal at the main area or request for a more exclusive one -Aramburu offers a table for Private Dining with capacity of 12 guests, truly recommended for business meetings or special occasions.

Credits: Aramburu Restaurant main page and Instagram page.
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