Bodega Lagarde, a classic of Mendoza wineries

Half an hour from Mendoza, you will find yourself in Bodega Lagarde, an emblematic vineyard of Mendoza. Enjoy a glass of wine while taking in the unique landscapes of Luján de Cuyo.

Although Bodega Lagarde was founded in 1897, in 1969 it was acquired by the Pescarmona family, its current owner. To date, the winery is directed by sisters Sofía and Lucila Pescarmona, who promote a sustainable and high-end wine project.

The winery offers a wide variety of wines such as Primeras Viñas (100% Malbec) or Proyecto Hermanas 2023 (100% Sauvignon Blanc). If you prefer blend wines, you can find captivating options with multiple strain combinations, for example the Teia wine (85% Malbec, 15% Petit Verdot).

Credits: Bodega Lagarde official site.

At Bodega Lagarde you can enjoy the best of wine tourism. They offer everything from tastings of the winery's different wines to more recreational activities, such as cooking classes in Zonda's kitchen (in another post you can find our comment on both of Lagarde's restaurants) or a blind tasting. For family groups, the Blend Game is also offered, in which the older ones can create their own wine while the little ones can design and attach their personalized label.

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