Catena Zapata, the wine pyramid of Mendoza

Catena Zapata is the South-american winner of 2023’s edition of the annual contest done by World’s Best Vineyards. Discover more about this special vineyard and its many particular traits.

Quoting World’s Best Vineyards, “Bodega Catena Zapata is a driving force in Argentine winemaking”. This high-end winery is run by Nicolás Catena Zapata and his daughter, Laura Catena, who over the years have promoted high-quality Argentine Malbec by developing crops at altitude. This was possible thanks to the creation of the Catena Institute, through which Laura Catena carries out continuous research on the characteristics and quality of the terroir that they have in their vineyards.

Catena offers a wide range of high-end wines. In most of them the main characters are these grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Chardonnay. The latter is present in two special wines: White Bones Chardonnay and White Stones Chardonnay, obtained from two very close plots in the Adrianna vineyard, in Tupungato.

Credits: Cadena Zapata official site.

But Catena not only offers wine. In its pyramid-shaped winery, you can choose from three types of experiences

  • “Family is everything”: a special tour inside the building to get to know more about the Catena family, from the first generation’s arrival to Argentina to the wine revolution led by Nicolás Catena Zapata. Afterwards, the finishing point will be a wine tasting.
  • “Wine & Music”: a tour around the cellar to engage in a wine tasting while listening to live acoustic music, an experience designed to exalt the senses.
  • “The blending games”: a tour through the cellar with a wine tasting experience included, but with the trait of allowing you to create your own blend by being an oenologist for a day.
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