Discover Salinas Grandes, a very special place

A must-visit spot when you travel to the North of Argentina are the Salinas Grandes, a conjunction of salt flats scattered at the South of Jujuy.

Accessible by National Route 52, the amazing Salinas Grandes awaits you. As its name indicates, it is a large attraction that occupies two provinces: Jujuy and Salta, and it’s also 3,450 meters above sea level. For climatological reasons, you can see the whitest of the salt flats at Jujuy. During the best season to visit, from April to November, you can even see yourself in the reflection of the salt flats!

The origin of the salt flats is volcanic. Approximately 10 million years ago, the continent's tectonic plates collided with the Pacific. There the mountains rose, forming an endorheic basin. When the volcanoes erupted, all the mineralized water, salt water and melted rocks flowed down like rivers, becoming trapped in the endorheic basin. Gradually, in the Quaternary period, these waters evaporate and give shape to the salt flats.

Unforgettable moments at Salinas Grandes.

Salinas Grandes is completely accessible for anybody and offers a lot of activities. You can wander around the salt flats by foot on you own, join a trekking group with an experienced guide, and even get to know the area natives, who’ve been artisanally collecting the salt for years.

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