El Baqueano Restaurant, an ode to native cuisine

Previously established in the Buenos Aires area of San Telmo for 14 years, El Baqueano has recently moved to the charming Salta City.

The premise of El Baqueano has been since the beginning to give visibility to Argentine native cuisine. Previously established in San Telmo, the restaurant has moved to Cerro San Bernardo, an idyllic landscape in the middle of Salta City. The restaurant owners are the cook Fernando Rivarola and the sommelier Gabriela Lafuente, who crafted the meals and wine menu. El Baqueano is dedicated to contemporary native Argentine cuisine, working with small local producers, and visiting collectors and fishermen in all the country's regions. 

Credits: El Baqueano official site.

What makes El Baqueano stand out amidst a city full of restaurants isn´t only its amazing food -because it’s more than a restaurant, it’s a full culinary space. The restaurant holds both an events room and a culinary arts public library, for anyone willing to visit!

Credits: @el.baqueano (Instagram).

If you ever come around Salta City, make sure not to miss El Baqueano!

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