What will it be like to fly with Aerolineas Argentinas after Quarantine?

Aerolíneas Argentinas defined its new post-pandemic protocol, which is aligned with the recommendations of IATA, WHO, Airports Council International and the Ministry of Health of the Nation. The practices included in the protocol are also shared by the other airlines of the SkyTeam alliance, such as Air Europa, Air France and Alitalia.

Next, we tell you about the sanitary measures that will have to be adopted before, during and after a trip with the flag carrier.

At the Airport

- Monitoring: At the access door, the passenger’s temperature will be controlled.

- Anticipation: The airline recommends arriving at the airport a minimum of two hours in advance on domestic flights, since preventive measures will involve a longer process prior to boarding the plane.

- No Last-Minute Goodbyes: Access to the airport by family, friends or other companions who are not traveling will no longer be allowed. In the event that the passenger needs some type of assistance, they must request it 48 business hours before.

- Check In: ​​The company suggests checking in via the web before arriving at the airport. In any case, the option of doing it in place is maintained, respecting the minimum separation distance indicated by the signals provided. To validate the passenger’s identity, it will be enough to show the documentation, without having to hand deliver it to the traffic personnel.

- Baggage: The company suggests traveling only with a personal item on board, complying with the maximum measures, which will speed up boarding and disembarking and minimize movements within the airport.

- Gel Alcohol: Given the exceptional circumstance, the passenger may carry a gel alcohol of up to 100 ml in hand luggage.

During Boarding

- Distance: In order to maintain the separation between passengers, the protocol establishes that boarding is carried out in small groups and from the last rows forward. Those who travel in a Business or Premium Economy cabin will be the last to board.

- Scanning: Once the identity of the passenger has been validated, the staff will guide them to scan their boarding pass in the corresponding reader.

- Sleeves: Whenever possible, boarding will be done through doors with access sleeves. If the use of buses is necessary for the transfer to the plane, it will also be done in small groups.

- VIP Lounges: The company will keep the Condor Lounge at Ezeiza airport and the outer lounges closed.

During the Flight

- Masks: The use of masks is mandatory at all times, the crews will also use them throughout the flight.

- Remain Seated: The movement of passengers inside the plane will be limited to the maximum. Whoever needs to go to the bathroom can do it, but verifying that the indicator sign indicates that it is available before getting up and without queuing.

- Facilities: The reading material, blankets, pillows and headphones that the airline usually delivers will not be available.

- Service On Board: In the case of domestic and regional flights, food and beverage services will be suspended. On international flights, the food and beverage service on board will be limited. A contingency menu in individual bags, consisting of fresh and industrialized products will be offered. At the end of the flight, the passenger should be in charge of throwing all discards into the same bag to reduce interaction with the crew. Special meal services will be suspended.

- No Separation: Empty seats will not be left between passengers, since they explain that the aircraft are safe, among other things, for having High Efficency Particulalate Air filters (HEPA). The protocol details that this system allows the constant renewal of cabin air, eliminating 99.9% of bacteria and microbes that circulate.


- Distance: Once the plane has landed, passengers will be able to get out of the seat when the crew indicates it and the row in front of us is unoccupied.

- Form: In the case of international flights, the passenger must deliver the completed and signed form requested by the health authorities.

Regarding the cleaning and disinfection of the aircraft, the company reported that the assigned personnel, equipped with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), carry out the cleaning and disinfection procedure before and after each flight.

These tasks are intensified in high-contact areas, such as seats, arm rests, folding tables, seat belts, screens and controls, they say. The head rest protector is replaced after each flight and upholstery and carpet cleaning procedures are reinforced. The cleaning and disinfection products used are those recommended in the WHO Guide to Hygiene and Sanitation for air transport.

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