Iconic Events of YPO members. November 2023

We were honored to share a week of unique events with YPO members in November 2023 in collaboration with ESA Latin America.

We had the fortune of organizing different events in different areas and themes in Buenos Aires. In the first place, they enjoyed a private visit and lunch in San Telmo and tasted other high-quality wines with lessons of the traditional dance, Tango! At night a spectacular show at Zanjon de Granados! Moroever, they experienced a dull day with the  "Sport of Kings,"  which is deeply embedded in Argentina's culture, polo. 

Polo match

Thirdly, they had the unique opportunity of playing a football match in the Argentinos Juniors field, Maradona’s team, capturing the essence of our nation's pride and passion.  With a special surprise, 4 Argentine players who were winners of the World Cup 1986 that accompanied the whole event! On the other hand, some enjoyed a relaxing day where landscaping, outdoor art, and nature come together in “Isla Del Descanso”. At night, they all wanted a barbecue at Don Julio, a restaurant with a Michelin star.

Sergio Goycochea, Ricardo Giusti, Jorge Burruchaga and Adrián Domenech

 Last but not least, they enjoyed a day where they enriched themselves in Argentina's culture by playing “Gauchos” games and drink the national drink “mate” and enjoying the fantastic show of Malevo. The final and most luxurious event was a Gala Dinner at the Faena Art Center, with a spectacular dance show, live music, acrobats, a DJ, music, and much more. There even was a 360 cabin video for them to enjoy. 

We are grateful for the opportunity to assemble all these events; we hope everybody enjoyed them as much as we did!

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