Misiones Invites you to Visit the Fantastic Iguazú Falls

The Province of Misiones invites you to visit the fantastic Iguazú Falls, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World… when you see them you will understand why! They are made up of 275 falls that reach 80 meters in height and, together with the imposing missionary jungle, make up a natural spectacle.

The majestic Iguazu Falls are located inside the Iguazu National Park, an area of nature conservation that covers 67,720 hectares at the northern end of the Province of Misiones in Argentina. It shelters approximately two thousand species of plants and protects specimens of fauna and flora in danger of extinction, such as the jaguar and the araucaria (tree species, symbol of Paraná, which produces pine nuts). Throughout its hundreds of square kilometers, you can choose from various walks, including excellent trails to contemplate nature, more extreme adventures for ecotourism lovers or a lunch overlooking the lush waterfalls.

The Iguazu National Park is divided in two: Argentina’s and Brazil’s sides. The Argentine side has the peculiarity that it allows you to get much closer to the falls, thanks to the fact that the walkways are on land near the waterfalls. On the other hand, it is said that the Brazilian side is the most photographic, since the walkways are a little further away and allow an incredible panoramic view of the falls.

On the Argentine side we can find the Devil's Throat: a long chasm that is 82 meters high, 150 meters wide and 700 meters long. The walkways allow you to approach a few centimetres from the Devil's Throat to enjoy the most imposing and mighty jump in the park and the most famous and impressive view of the Iguazu Falls.

On the other hand, on this side you can also take the Great Adventure, a navigation full of adrenaline that crosses the rapids to get closer to some of the best-known waterfalls. Reach the maximum point of emotion when facing the incomparable Salto San Martín, the second in terms of size and the largest that a boat can approach! In turn, this navigation is combined with a very interesting safari that goes into the jungle to get to know the flora.

Instead, the excursion to the Brazilian side leaves the afternoon free for another experience. One of our favourites and recommended is Parque das Aves (birds park) in Brazil, where you can see different species of birds typical of the area, as well as snakes, yacares, butterflies and more. Another fantastic option is to take a helicopter tour over the falls, a more than wonderful experience!

Among some attractions outside the national park, the Wanda Mines also stand out: a peculiar side attraction worth a visit for those interested in gemstones, geology, or jewelry. Located just 55 km (34 miles) to the south of Iguazú Falls, these stone mines are easily accessible by route. A local guide leads you down past fantastic geodes embedded in basalt to the caverns where amethyst is extracted. The mines also contain topaz, quartz, jasper, rock crystal and agate.

Surrounded by lush green forest in the rainy season, the town of Wanda and its mines are a tiny blip on the map, but are on the way to another attraction in Misiones: the San Ignacio Jesuit Ruins. These were declared a cultural heritage for mankind by the UNESCO. Lying in the heart of the tropical forest, they are the impressive remains of one of the 30 settlements developed in the land of the Guaranis between the years 1580 and 1767 by the Jesuit priests of the Compañía de Jesús, where converted Guaranis lived for almost 200 years. An architectural ensemble that illustrates a significant period in the history of Argentina and Brazil, they are a living testament to Jesuit evangelization efforts in South America.

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