Patagonia - Pumas in Torres del Paine

Enjoy a once in a lifetime experience: Pumas sightings & trekking.

The sighting takes place in the region ofTorres del Paine Nationa park, where pumas live and walk around. It is a wonderful place to enjoy the lanscapes and fresh air.

Before the Puma Adventure, an expert will share the conservation work that the park is doing.

The Puma, once an endangered specie due to its hunting to prevent it from preying on the herds, is now the subject of an extense conservation program promoted by some local ranches, like Estancia Cerro Guido, to protect both the sheep and the pumas.

This day trip splits into two moments: the First session after breakfast for a morning trek, and the Second session for an after-lunch trek. Both take around 4 hs each.

@Labasepatagonia photo.

The tour guide coordinates the program with the Puma Tracker in order to determine where individual pumas are gathering and resting in order to lead the group there. A Puma Tracker is an expert who will patrol puma corridors by car and on foot to advce the guide where are they.

There's a really good reason for this: Pumas are normally quite active early in the mornings and late in the evenings, so the activities tend to gravitate around those preferred times, when the pumas are usually hunting guanacos and other prey, interacting with their offspring or commuting from their hunting grounds to their dens.

@Labasepatagonia photo.

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