Rafting Manso to the Frontier Class III/IV rapids



afting in the heart of the Andes. Get to the border with Chile running the best rapids through narrow canyons surrounded by lush vegetation. This trip is the most exciting one for those who seek action. Average physical condition and swimming ability are required.



9 hours


Transfer Professional rafting guides complete rafting equipment, dry-fit neoprene jackets. support kayakers Breakfast. Lunch


If you want some action you willhave to start up earlier!!

We pick you up from your lodging or hotel.Then, on the way we pick up all the rafting equipment and the guide; finally we are ready to start our raftingtrip. On the way between nice chats and “mates”, we reach Tierra Aventura,almost at the border line with Chile.

We drive along Route40 (ex 258), up to a place known as ‘Paraje Villegas’ (70 km – 45 miles).From there we detour for about 30 km (20 miles) until we reach Tierra Aventuracampsite, at about 10:30.

There, we have breakfast because wewill have a late lunch and we need a lot of energy to paddle while we gorafting.

After setting up the whole raftingequipment and putting on the dry-fit (neoprene) suit, the rafting guide willintroduce you into the paddling techniques and safety instructions. Then, weare ready to set off and start our rafting descend.

The first half an hour you willenjoy raftingthrough a breathtaking canyon called “Velvet Canyon”. We continue easily paddling; fromthe emerald green waters we will paddle into realwhite waters rapids.From stillnessinto action! Thewelcoming rapids anticipate the good thing to come. Then we have other rapidscalled: “Agujero de Ozono”(Ozone Hole), “Gritá y Llorá”, (Scream and Cry!), “Extasis” (Ecstasy), and so on and soforth. It is going to be about two hours of fun and adrenaline paddling andrafting in a beautiful landscape.

We finish our rafting adventurejust on the borderwith Chile wherethe van will be waiting for us to drive us to the camping-site where we will delightourselves with some Patagonian barbecue orwhatever you choose from a varied menu.



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