The Best Restaurants in the North

The North of Argentina has one of the best restaurants in the country. Including El Baqueano in Salta and Flor del Pago in Jujuy. 

The North of Argentina has two of the best restaurants in the country, El Baqueano in Salta and Flor del Pago in Jujuy.

On the one hand, El Baqueno is an excellent restaurant that serves tasty regional food.

They have even been four consecutive years (2013-2019) in the top Latin American restaurants ranking 50 Best, in 21st position.

They produce contemporary food and work with small producers, collectors, and fishermen of all the ecoregions our country has to offer. Therefore, they promote sustainability. El Baqueano specializes in autochthonous and no-conventional meat; their menu changes and evolves according to the stations and the availability of the raw materials. They are a reference to Argentinean gastronomy.

The Baqueano is exceptional and has amazing views, located in a strategic tourist spot at the top of San Fernando Hill.

On the other hand, Flor del Pago restaurant serves outstanding Italian-colonial gastronomy. After several successes in the capital city, the chef opened this restaurant in the North. The decoration of this location is prestigious and colonial, which creates a prestigious atmosphere. The food is exquisite and consumers can taste the unique Italian flavors the owner has carefully studied.

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