Esther Faus

Football Fever with the world champions of the 86

We had the unique opportunity of playing a football match in the Argentinos Juniors field, Maradona’s team, capturing thWe essence of our nation's pride and passion.With a special surprise, 4 Argentine players who were winners of the World Cup 1986 - 90 that accompanied the whole event!

Italian Group in Calafate and Buenos Aires

With this unique Italian group we discover the amazing landscapes of Patagonia and The Argentinean culture in Buenos Aires

Experience being with aborigines in their natural territory in Iguazu

 In Iguazu, Argentina, people not only can enjoy one of the seven wonders of the world, the Iguazu Falls, but they can experience being with aborigines in their natural territory. ‍

Aug 10, 2023
Esther Faus
The Best wines are in Argentina

The Argentinean North has outstanding wines. Specifically one of the best wines in the whole world. 

The Best Restaurants in the North

The North of Argentina has one of the best restaurants in the country. Including El Baqueano in Salta and Flor del Pago in Jujuy. 

New Pasta Restaurant at Faena Hotel, Italpasta by chef Pedro Picciau

News for foodies, the old Faena hotel bistro became Italpast Faena Buenos Aires, a collaboration (for an indefinite period) of the renowned Italian restaurant located in Campana with the hotel.

Aug 15, 2022
Esther Faus
The Wet Lands - sanctuary for huge populations of animals

Today, Iberá Park is one of the largest in Argentina, close to 2 million acres of protected grasslands, lagoons, islands and wetlands — and a sanctuary for huge populations of animals.

Special Visit to Calafate and Iguzu Falls

From the jungle to the glaciers, the best of both destinations.

FAM trip Buenos Aries / Calafate / Iguazu Falls

It was an amazing FAM, exciting, adventurous in Iguazu and Calafate, both included a lot of water!!!

Brian Birhtday Calafate / Buenos Aires / Punta del Esther

Amazing Birthday in Calafate, What make it so special was Brian and his Friends.

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