Solar Eclipse 2021 aboard Antarctica Cruises

On December 4, 2021 there will be a unique phenomenon: a total solar eclipse will cross Antarctica.

Total eclipses of the sun, which occur when the Moon comes between the Earth and the Sun and completely blocks their vision, are an extremely rare phenomenon, which can usually only be seen in a fairly narrow strip of the Earth's surface, around 160 kilometers wide.

And the point at which the phenomenon will last the longest is precisely on the coast of the Antarctic continent on the Weddell Sea.

Multiple cruise companies invite you to witness this spectacle in the Antarctic waters, some even already have their cruises sold out. Hurtigruten is one of the cruise lines that offer tours on this special date.

One of the itineraries starts in Buenos Aires and flies to Ushuaia on the second day. Here, passengers will board the cruise:

Day 1 - Buenos Aires: Start your first night in the city of tango, Buenos Aires. You can explore the bustling capital of Argentina at your own pace and discover its many charming corners.

Day 2 - Buenos Aires / Ushuaia: In the morning you will fly to Ushuaia with the charter flight to board the MS Fram. Once on board, you will start sailing with a welcome dinner.

Day 3 - Open sea navigation: We head towards the Falkland Islands. Make sure to go out on deck to spot the wildlife in the area and attend the interesting lectures on board.

Day 4-6 - Falkland Islands: The Falkland Islands are teeming with nature and wildlife: shells flying, penguins and geese on the shore, and sea lions in the water. Instead, the capital, Stanley, conveys the essence of England and the British countryside. White sand beaches under a clear blue sky. An ideal place to inspire, walk and photograph.

Day 7-8 - Sailing across the South Atlantic: We will sail for two days to beautiful South Georgia. Join the conferences organized by the Expedition Team and learn a little more about geology, polar history, fauna, legends of the Norwegian whalers and the exploits of Shackleton. Also enjoy all the ship's comforts and participate in the Citizen Science program.

Day 9-13 - South Georgia: Explore the rich ecosystem that South Georgia offers us, known as the Serengeti of the Southern Ocean. Its unique location within the Antarctic ecosystem, but outside the limit of the sea ice, makes it the ideal home for millions of nesting penguins, seals and seabirds. This ecosystem surrounded by glaciers, cliffs and lagoons becomes the perfect setting for photography enthusiasts. Apart from the abundant fauna, Gerogia del Sur also offers hiking trails and some more cultural visits such as a museum, the church and the tomb of Ernest Shackleton.

Day 14-15 - Sailing to Antarctica: Learn more about the wonders of the frozen continent with the Expedition Team and at the Science Center as we make our way to Antarctica.

Day 16-20 - Antarctica: Vast, powerful and indescribably beautiful, Antarctica leaves experienced explorers speechless. The world's largest desert contains 90 percent of the planet's fresh water! A continent dedicated to peace, science and the conservation of the environment and wildlife, Antarctica is a key piece for the balance of the planet as we know it today. The captain and the Expedition Team will evaluate the conditions to find the best places to disembark, launch the kayaks into the sea, observe icebergs and spot whales, seals, birds, penguins and more. Of course, we take special care to protect and never disturb the incredible fauna that inhabits the ice. On this trip we will try to disembark in various places in the Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetlands to live unforgettable experiences.

Day 21-22 - El Paso Drake: We return to Ushuaia crossing the Drake Pass. Recap your experiences, deepen your knowledge of the region in the Science Center or simply relax on board.

Day 23 - Ushuaia / Buenos Aires: After disembarking in Ushuaia, the expedition ends with the charter flight back to Buenos Aires.

This experience starts on the 1st of November, but is also available on other dates aside from the eclipse. Do not doubt on asking us for more information or a quotation!

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