Explora Opens their Lodge at El Chaltén

With views to the Electric Valley and the Marconi Glacier, Explora in El Chaltén opens its doors in 2021.

17 km away from El Chaltén –in the Argentinean Patagonia– the lodge is a headquarter from where to explore a world-renowned destination by those who love nature and trekking.

The Explora lodge in El Chaltén has been strategically built within the Los Huemules Conservation Reserve, our long-standing conservation partners in the region. It is is set in a natural amphitheater of rock, mountains and ice, which offers an endless number of territories to explore.

Patagonia is not a country nor a place. It is a vast territory shared by Chile and Argentina, whose remarkable geography –shaped by mountains, glaciers, lakes, and rivers– offers countless exploration opportunities.

The lodge is conformed by 20 rooms that have a simple but exquisite design. These are divided between the categories Standard (36m2) and Suite (60m2; it can be seen in the picture above), but all have the necessary facilities and wonderful views of El Chaltén.

Guests will be able to explore a territory known worldwide by those who love nature and hiking. There are more than 30 explorations for beginners to experts: hiking, overland, climbing, and walking over ice beyond the typical attractions of the area. Enjoy the forests, rivers, and mountains that surround the quietness of this lodge at the heart of the Electric Valley.

The Argentinean chef, Pablo Jesús Rivero –a leading figure of Argentinean cuisine and owner of Don Julio, chosen as the top restaurant in South America according to The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2020 ranking– along with Guido Tassi –also Argentinean chef and adviser at Don Julio– designed the new menu for explora El Chaltén.

The menu is sustained on the interpretation of the surroundings, nature, and culinary landscape. They only use seasonal raw materials purchased from small farmers, produced with agroecological standards, and even wild harvested products.

The Lodge also provides a full spa service for travelers to refuel their energy after a day of exploration. Stop, breathe and recompose. Let the journey behind you sink-in, while the journey ahead awaits.

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