Argentina Opens its Borders and Enables Foreign Tourism

The Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, announced today a package of measures to ease restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, including the gradual opening of land borders from October 1 and the authorization of foreign tourism from November 1.

Regarding land borders, the official clarified that it will be with safe corridors approved by the health authority and with a quota defined by the capacity of each jurisdiction.

In addition, it was established that as of September 24, the isolation of Argentines, residents and foreigners who come for work and are authorized by the immigration authority will be eliminated. Also, from October 1st, foreigners from neighboring countries will be allowed to enter without the need for isolation.

On the other hand, between October and November the progressive entry quota will be increased in all safe corridors, airports, ports and land.

Regarding tourism:

📌 November 1st - Foreigners from all the world are allowed to enter Argentina without having to quarantine upon arrival. In all cases, every person who enters Argentina (Argentinians or Foreigners) will have to comply with the following requirements: 

 -         Complete vaccination schedule,with the last application date at least 14 days prior to arrival in the country.

-          Proof of Negative PCR test 72 hours prior to arrival. 

-          PCR test to be taken between days 5 and 7 after the arrival to Argentina. 

According to the Ministry of Health, those who do not present a complete vaccination scheme, including minors, must perform quarantine, antigen test upon admission, and PCR test on day 7.

It was also announced that when 50% of the fully vaccinated population is reached, the antigen test will no longer be performed upon admission (except for those not vaccinated) and PCR on day 5-7, and the quota may be lifted.

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