Special Visit to Calafate and Iguzu Falls

From the jungle to the glaciers, the best of both destinations.

With Lisa Ramsay and Barbara Sanchez, we visited The Argentinean side of The Falls on the first day, the upper and lower paths, discovering the falls in the middle of the jungle. We have 275 falls, which is incredible!!!! The last one we visited was The Devil Trought, the biggest one where we felt the power of nature from above. You can feel the combination of peace and energy!
We navigated into the falls to finalize the day, and this was the best part of this day!!
We were in Argentina, so we decided to go to the Melia Bar to enjoy Argentinean drinks with the falls' views.
The next day we visited the Brazilian side of the falls, it was as fantastic as the day before, this time we also saw the falls from the sky, 10 excellent minutes!!!!
We visited the Birds Parks, the falls where we appreciated how big and long they are,
We decided to visit the Belmond hotel to have Brazilian drinks ( caipirinhas ) before taking the plane back to BA.

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