Week of Adventure in Bariloche

This summer we went along with my family to Bariloche, to recharge energies for this year. So, we wanted to share with you all the adventures you can experience in one week!

On the first day, we went on an incredible private navigation through the Nahuel Huapi Lake. The views from the sailboat are unique, and even the kids got to steer the boat! We concluded the experience with a table of smoked cuts of meat and wine on board.

Next day, we went mountain biking at Circuito Chico: a beautiful scenery road. The bike circuit was designed for us, with ups and downs, trails in the forest and ending at a lake behind the famous Llao Llao Hotel. At the little desert beach of thislake, we had an excellent gourmet lunch. After a vast moment of relax, contemplating the beautiful view, we also had the opportunity of kayaking in this peaceful lake, it was incredible!

On day 3, we rided horses, passing between rivers, forests, mountains and waterfalls! We reached unknown places for the majority of the visitors, getting to know the fauna and flora. We made stops at different viewpoints and ended the experience with an exquisite barbeque.

Continuing with the adventure, we took the amazing 7 Lakes Road on the fourth day! The views along the way are fantastic, leading to San Martin de los Andes: a little patagonic city in front of the Lácar Lake (the last one of the road).

Back again in Bariloche, on day 5, we went on rafting. This activity was so much fun! We felt the adrenaline while dodging the river rapids and the rocks, celebrating each time. Our guide was very funny and left us jump to the water every time it was safe, so that we refreshed. Also, we had water fights with other boats and finished the excursion with tortas fritas and homemade cakes with raspberries. Laughs assured!

On the sixth day, we did the Via Ferrata experience! It was one of the most adventurous days, as we had trekking, zip-lining, and climbing. The zip-lining part was our favourite: the sections are not long but full of adrenaline. Highly recommended!

Last day we went canyoning. This activity sums up all the outdoor sports in one: trekking, rappelling, zip-lining, jumping and swimming! The fun seems to never end andthe different activities are combined so that everything is part of the same trail. Definitely one of our favourites!

Of course, there are many more activities and adventures to discover, but see how one week is enough to experience the adrenaline of your life!

We hope you enjoyed this travel blog and felt in love with Bariloche just as we did! We are waiting for you anytime you want to come!

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