Entre Rios Hunting Wings mixed pack – 4 days- Duck- Dove - Partirdge



We offer a variety of mixed packages so that your hunting is an unforgettable adventure and you can have the opportunity to appreciate the different types of shots and species that we have to offer you.



4 Day


4 full hunting days 4 nights lodging – full board – gate rate – guides - transfer in the hunting area (UTV- truck)


DOVES -High volume

Argentina ranks among one of the best countries in the world for pigeon hunting. These have always been a serious problem for agriculture, with a high volume of birds in the provinces with more production. They are considered as a national plague of Argentina and that is why it is possible to hunt 90% of the year and without limit.

DUCKS - More than 8 species

Argentina offers a buffet of duck species and some of the most beautiful ducks in the world. There are several types. Among them are the Picazo, the Sirirí, Barcino, Cuchara, Cutiri and many more.

Typical duck hunting trips include all enabled species. Our Lodges are located in areas where ducks thrive, with acres and acres of secluded wetlands, plus fields of corn, soybeans, and sorghum.

PARTRDIGE -Hunt with dogs

The Tinamou or «Partridge» as it is known in Argentina is a partridge that lives in the abundant grass of the vast Argentine countryside. Partridge hunting is a different shot accompanied by pointing dogs. Anyone with a passion for hunting with dogs will appreciate this challenging alternative.

Minimum 3 hunters




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